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Founded in 1949, Les Vergers Agricultural School is located in Dol-de-Bretagne (Brittany), a pleasant town of 5,700 inhabitants near Mont Saint-Michel and 50 minutes from Rennes.

Les Vergers is a vocational secondary school. It belongs to the Agricultural Catholic Education network of Brittany and the spirit of its founders lives on. What counts is the promotion of each young person, in all their intellectual, social, human and spiritual dimensions. The key words for achieving our objectives together are Trust, Exigence, Commitment, Ethics, Empathy and Hope. These values are our foundation and they apply to everyone, young people and adults alike. The strength of the school lies in its human resources, which are drawn from the educational community. Teachers, educators, administrative and service staff are committed and concerned about the success of each individual.


Higher Education

- BTS PA or HND (Higher National Diploma) in Animal Productions : a two-year higher education course. Holders of this BTS can manage a farm with livestock.

- BTS ACSE or HND (Higher National Diploma) in Farm Analysis and Farm Management : a two-year higher education course for future farm managers and/or agricultural advisers. This course is available both in initial training or by apprenticeship.


Technological and Vocational Secondary School Qualifications

- 2nde GT and Bac technologique STAV: The class of General and Technological 2nd reinforces  what has been taught in the middle school in order to consolidate the common core of the national curriculum. This course ideally prepares students for the Bac STAV (Agronomy and Life Sciences Technologies) which is a baccalaureate or A-Level in Agricultural Sciences. This course opens the door to all higher education courses in agriculture.

- Bac professionnel CGEA or Vocational Qualification in Farm Management : holders of this diploma can become managers of agricultural businesses or qualified farm workers.

- Bac professionnel Agroéquipement or Vocational Qualification in Farm Machinery: holders of this diploma are responsible for driving, using and maintaining agricultural machinery.

- Bac professionnel SAPAT or Vocational Qualification in Services to Individuals : holders of this diploma organise personal services as well as activities for individuals (children, elderly people or people who are not self-sufficient) in order to maintain social links in a given area.

- Bac professionnel TCV or Vocational Qualification in Sales : holders of this diploma work in sales, informing customers and therefore have the ability to advise and to organize animations for customers.

CAP or Vocational Certificates

- CAP SAPVER or Vocational Certificate in Services to Individuals: holders of this certificate work as employees in the services sector (with children, the elderly or with people who are not autonomous) as well as in reception and sales in all sorts of shops.
- CAP MA or Vocational Certificate in Agriculture: holders of this certificate can work on various types of farm: livestock farm, cereal farm, horticulture.

Middle School

- 4ème and 3ème or Year 9 and Year 10 students (aged 13 to 15) with a vocational guidance linked to the agricultural sector. Theses courses are designed to help pupils develop their career orientation plan, with a particular focus on vocational training. The programme for this option includes discovering careers in agriculture and nature.

- 4ème and 3ème or Year 9 and Year 10 students (aged 13 to 15) with a vocational guidance linked to the sector of sales and of services to individuals: these classes are designed to help pupils develop their career orientation plan, with particular emphasis on the vocational route. The programme for this option includes discovering careers in sales, entertainment and childcare.


Erasmus +

 Les Vergers School has obtained the ERASMUS + 2021 - 2027 accreditation - see the accreditation

Priorities of the ERASMUS + 2021 - 2027 Programme :

« The overall objective of the programme is to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, vocational and personal development of individuals in the fields of education, training, youth and sport, in Europe and beyond, thereby contributing to sustainable growth, quality employment, social cohesion, the promotion of innovation and the strengthening of European identity and active citizenship. »

Source :

- Inclusion and diversity: the programme aims to promote equal opportunities and equal access, inclusion, diversity and equity across all its actions.

- Digital Transformation : the programme aims to support this initiative whose purpose is to engage learners, educators, youth workers, young people and organisations on the path of digital transformation.

- Environment and the fight against climate change : recognition of the key role of schools in engaging with students, parents and the wider community on the changes needed for a successful transition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

- Participation in democratic life, shared values and civic engagement : strengthening citizens' understanding of the European Union from an early age is of fundamental importance for the future of the Union.

The International cooperation team


International Cooperation Officer, Erasmus Coordinator

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 Marie-Gwenaëlle BOBON

Responsible for work placements abroad (Secondary school)

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 Sonia ANDRE

In charge of work placements abroad (Higher education)

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Trips and work placements abroad

Internships abroad  for vocational and technological students (Year 12 and Year 13)

Les Vergers Agricultural School offers young people in vocational  and technological courses  the opportunity to carry out a work placement abroad for a period going from 15 days to 4 weeks. Work placements can be a personal project when the students finds and chooses his own placement, or they can be organised by the student sector teachers (when the school gives adresses of known placement to the student).

The "Mobility" option is offered for the vocational qualification students (Bac Professionnel). Candidates who complete an individual internship abroad may be assessed in the examination. Points exceeding 10 out of 20 are taken into account in calculating the aggregated marks in order to obtain the diploma.

Internships abroad for Higher Education students (BTS)

Students attending the further education courses (both in Farm Management and in Animal Productions)  have to carry out a work placement abroad of 4 weeks mimimum between their two years of training. This is an opportunity to live in another country and gain new professional experience. Students also improve their language skills and learn about other cultures.

The most common destinations are Europe, but there are also far-flung destinations such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Financial assistance can be provided either by the European ERASMUS + programme for placements in Europe lasting at least 2 months,  by grants from the Brittany or Normandy regions or by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Examples of host companies :

- Farm

- Equestrian centre

- Administrative structure

- Bed and breakfast

- Shops


Our partners

Les Vergers School maintains partnerships with several schools abroad:

 - Shizunai High School in Japan

- IES Cap de Llevant and IES Joseph Miguel Guardia in Menorca, Spain

- IATA School in Namur, Belgium

- Aosta Region Agricultural Institute, Italy

- Limassol Agricultural High School, Cyprus

- Agricultural High School in Greece

- Agricultural High Schools in Souilha and Témara, Morocco

- SRUC Ayr Campus in Scotland

- Salesian Agricultural College in Ireland

- DEULA of Nienburg-Wesser, Germany

- Educational Institute in Chile (in progress)


Le Petit Gué School Farm 

The farm is located in the town of Dol-de-Bretagne, 2 km from our school. Today, the 148-hectare farm has three main productions: dairy cows (with a processing facility for yoghurt and pasteurized milk), organic pigs and a small buffalo workshop.

Students carry out practical and supervised work on the different productions with  the help of animal husbandry, agronomy, management and machinery teachers, as well as with farm employees who are also involved in the teaching process.


Educational shop

The shop enables students to carry out supervised practical work within the high school premises, through sales activities or sales scenarios. It's also a place for small gourmet purchases for everyone.


 Educational Health Rooms

One room is dedicated to early childhood and childcare practices. A second room is dedicated to practices linked to the elderly and the non-autonomous people.

Educational Kitchen

 A specially designed kitchen with several kitchen counters where you'll find all the equipment you need for practical cooking, including hobs, ovens and extractor hoods.

The School Library

A quiet, pleasant place to read, work, do homework and some research . Students will find computers with Internet access. The library (called CDI) can also be used as a classroom for projects.

Computer Rooms

Students can have access to four computer rooms for lessons during the day. They are also available for evening study and group work. The school has also ….. laptops which can be borrowed and taken to classrooms.

 Science Laboratories

 A biology laboratory and a physics and chemistry laboratory are available for students to carry out scientific experiments.

 Modern Foreign Languages Room

In this room specially equipped with computers, headphones and microphones, students can learn and practise foreign languages in small groups.

Sports Hall

Les Vergers School has its own sports hall with a multi-sport pitch, a dojo and a weight-lifting room as well as changing facilities for students and staff.


 The venue for all student and staff events (conferences, meetings, exams, cinema etc…).